Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I enroll?
    Just follow the steps indicated in our website, following the banner ‘Join with us’. You must have an email to register because the registration we send the confirmation through this channel. If you have no computer you can always make this in the centers. In the registration process you must complete:
    • Acceptance Organic Law on Data Protection and Liability fitness and Regulations of use.
    • Acceptance of the Organic Law on Data Protection and Responsibility for Physical Fitness and Use Regulations.
    • Bank details (protected under the LOPD).
  2. What documents do I need to join?
    To register you need to have a DNI, NIE or a Passport Number (for international residents), and a number of Spanish bank account. Also, the 1st payment must be done by credit/debit card. You also need the bank account number for the next months. In case you don’t have a Spanish Bank Account you can register at the center with a temporary Fee, not online.
  3. Can I try the gym before signing up?
    You can try out the center filling in the form of presenting the invitation and reception of the Centre (download it HERE). You can only try it once.
  4. What should I do if I want to Join for a certain period?
    For season tickets, you are able to enroll with a debit/credit card payment for the entire period, even if you are from another country. To get this do it on the center, not on line.
  5. Can I pay a ticket for a day?
    You can buy a daily pass following this link: 'buy a daily pass' and showing us the receipt number the day you want to come with us.
  1. What services are included in the fee?
    in our Fees you have no time limitations in the fitness area, with free use of all the material we have, free access to all group activities (see our schedule on the web in the Services section), use of social area with WiFi. Locker rooms operated with locks, dryers and private showers included in the fee.
  2. Are the showers included in my fee?
    Of course we do, and all showers are private. Water is a scarce resource, make a responsible consumptio.
  3. Will I get an exercise program?
    In Duet Fit we have a system of programs based on your goals and your level when you come to the fitness area, we will define your current level and thus will recommend the program best suited to you. Our programs are designed so that anyone unfamiliar with Fitness can interpret and execute easily.
  4. Are there staff attending me in the gym?
    Yes, we will attend and we will explain the operation of the machines if needed, without additional cost.
  5. Will I have group activities done by trainers?
    Yes, in Duet Fit all activities are directed by a trainer, but also off-peak hours there are virtual cycling sessions. The Xpress sessions are also done by trainers at any time. Can I have the schedule of the Group Activities? You can download and print our program from the web. You will find this on the home page and follow the banner 'group activities'. However, in each Studio you will find it printed.
  6. Can I book my CYCLING sessions through the web?
    In the website on the member area you can book your bicycle (only needed on live sessions).
  7. What does not include my fee?
    Personal training services, rental lockers (those where you can permanently leave your belongings), products on the vending machines, locks, drinks, food, etc If you want to rent a locker, or learn more about the Personal Training service, send us an email (see at “Contact” section) or contact the staff in the center. Does Duet Fit has pool, saunas or spa? The center does not offer pool or water area. The use of these facilities tends to be low and we believe that you don’t need pay for an installation with little use.